Illenium Debut U.K. Show in Brixton, England Shot and Written by: Tim Pockney

“We had the great opportunity to cover Illenium at his debut U.K. show in Brixton. We had our correspondent, Tim Pockney, cover this incredible event. Check out a few of his shots and his review of the show below.”

“Brixton was in for a treat. On the cards tonight was a mix of established and new DJs from the UK to America. Walking into the venue there was a special energy and buzz that could be felt throughout the crowd. Electric Brixton is a 1,200 seat capacity venue with a lot of space available for the audience.”

“Fitzo is a smaller DJ in terms of his audience, and was on the stage to warm up the audience for what was to come. Fixing the audience up with a set of reliable tracks, he did exactly what was expected of him, and the crowd reacted well. He won his plaudits fairly. Next up was Stenchman, a more familiar name and a DJ that you definitely wouldn’t miss on stage. Sporting a very distinctive mask, Stenchman came out with a mix of slightly harder beats, featuring some influences in grime, which was very welcome to the home audience.”

“Illenium took to the stage next and was one of the two most awaited artists of the night. Taking to the stage, he became the first artist of the night to utilize the screen behind him and to great effect. Despite the every present factor of copious amounts of alcohol influencing the ability of the audience to fully take everything in, the visuals grabbed the attention of each and every person in the venue and constant gestures to the audience ensured an energy fuelled set.”

“A mix of familiar tracks and worked by the man himself resulted in a memorable few hours had by all. Overall Electric Brixton provided a memorable night and lived up to the expectations that were placed upon it. Playground delivered a night full of very talented artists that delivered one hard hitting tracks after another. It was an unforgettable night of varying styles of electronic music.”


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