Our Interview With 311

311 has had a very busy 2017 so far. Their new album “Mosaic” is now available for pre-order, they recently released the first single from their new album “Too Much To Think”,  recently completed the 311 Caribbean Cruise 2017, and will be going on a 40-show tour titled “Unity” between June 22-August 20. We had a chance to chat with Nick Hexum of 311. Check out our conversation below:

1. Do you look more forward to performing or watching other artists’ set at the Pot of Gold music festival?

Both are great.  It’s nice to go to the stage and take in some of the artists to get psyched-up for our show.


2. What are a few of your favorite things to do in your off time?

I love playing basketball.  P-Nut and I do this a couple times a week.  Team sports are the best workout because the will to win takes over and gives you motivation and natural excitement.


3. What is your favorite aspect of the recording process?

The whole thing. To start a song with just an idea and see it come together with the band and then become part of our live show and our fans lives is such a beautiful process.  There’s no end in sight.


4. For music lovers that are unfamiliar with your band, what project would you recommend to get them started?

Our Greatest Hits is a good place to start.  There’s hard rockers, chill reggae, and dancehall get-downs.  Very diverse.  I’m most excited for people to hear our new album that will be out in time for summer tour! More updates about that at 311.com


Check out 311 Friday at the Pot of Gold Music Festival!

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